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Ruby on Rails fans since the very beginning, confident and professional approach by Rails core contributers and valued community members in Israel and the world.


Either your project runs on Rails, Node, PHP, or Java - we can work with you to build an automated, clean deployemnt process.

native mobile applications

To accompany our web related skills, we also offer the value of native ios / android apps in orde to complete the overall experience of your product.

Scaling & performance

Does your app runs slow? long processes are killing your servers? just want our advice? With experience in applications serving millions of users per day - we can identify and provide solutions to your scaling and perfomance issues. ( Not just in Rails! )

open source

We believe that you can't be a great developer, if you don't give back to the community. We regularly release fixes and Gems to the wild anc contribute to existing open source projects.

Developers Training

Order and transparency are the keys to success. We can provide workflow methodlogies for your team from top level Agile and Scrum methodologies, down to Team git workflow hacks that will make your workflow easier.


Finding the best solution is our top priority in every task, We research every problem into depth and assure that the best solution will be presented to you.


We will happily do on-site training for you and your team. We provide detalied lectures and hands on sessions in Ruby, Rails, NoSQLs, Node.js and more - just let us know what you want us to know.


Either if you are already part of our client family or not, We will be more than happy to assist you immediately if your product or application suffer from an extreme situation. Yes, for free.

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who we are


altname Elad Meidar
Backend, Scaling, Performance, Frontend
"I've been around the web industry for the past 14 years, experienced with a vast number of web application challenges including backend, fronend, scaling and performance. Keen about Rails and bringing ideas to life using the best technologies out there."
altname Miki Bergin
Backend, Mobile, NoSQL, Databases
"Live and breath computers & programming for over 10 years. Sampled every programming language (that's worth sampling) and currently am sitting comfortably at the opinion that Ruby on Rails should be every developer's wet dream. I try to know everything there is to know, Particularly when it comes to my current passion which is building large-scale RoR web apps."
altname Eli Dotan
Backend, Mobile, NoSQL, Databases
"Getting things right, not only getting done. I always believed that in order to deliver a great product - you have to find the right solution to every problem. I know how to find those solutions."

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